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Space Marine 5: Released!

This post marks the release of Space Marine 5, the world's first text based MMO FPS. Experience all the fun and excitement of your favorite FPS, without the hassle of a graphical interface! Shoot! Say stuff! More!* All in a persistent environment with no limit on the number of players. No plugins required, the game uses HTML5 and other buzz words to give you a seamless experience. It's like you're really typing stuff into a console! And it's all free to play, you don't even need an account. Check out the reviews:
  • I came in, I was shot, then I was dead for 30 seconds. Then I left.
  • Nothing like a First Person Shooter.
  • Doesn't work with more than 2 players.
  • Terrible.
So what are you waiting for? Go check out Space Marine 5 today! Edit: Here. You check it out here. * Exit

Server move

A week or so ago I switched this domain from a free webhosting service (000webhost) to a paid VPS a service.(hosted by a2hosting). The reasoning for this was twofold, first, I really enjoy hacking at Linux, and having a remote server gives me another way to have fun with that. Secondly, I wanted to be able to run custom software and configure my own environments for something I may or may not end up actually doing. Another thing that changing to a VPS has given me is the ability to switch from php to something more RESTful, i.e. Ruby on Rails. I had been putting off creating a blog for a long time since I didn't really want to do it in php, but now that I've moved to Rails I decided to go for it. The results can be seen here. It's not entirely finished (for example, there's no way to post a comment yet, despite all the database and models being there), but it at least lets me post longer posts that can be referenced later without having to scroll through the pages. For instance, the dropdown notes news post would have worked better as a blog post (and now it is). Hopefully this will be the last lengthy news post, with the remaining long ones just pointing to a blog post. Also the rest of the news related to creation of this website can basically be considered null, since I redid the entire thing in Rails. What fun.

Dropdown Notes

I created a new project for simplifying my work flow. Check out the blog post about it.


This post is to test pagination for news posts, which I just added. Because this is the 6th post and I want 5 posts for page, this just happened to work ideally.

Added BFASM and PyTuring

Added a couple of esoteric projects, one called BFASM and another called PyTuring. BFASM is a 65c816 assembler written entirely in brainf*ck (referred to as "BF" from here on out). This was a school project I created as part of a study on Turing machines. It was a lot of fun to make, and I've uploaded it for other people to mess with if they like. In addition, this is probably one of the most impressive BF programs I've seen (if I do say so myself), weighing in at an impressive 144582 commands, probably coming in behind only Jon Ripley's BF games, but that's almost entirely because of all the printing he needs to do and is actually very little control logic. PyTuring is something in the same vein as BFASM, and they were, in fact, part of the same school project. PyTuring is a multitape Turing machine simulator written in Python. I also had to create a language to describe Turing machines in order to run this, the language is described in the readme. For fun, I also wrote a BF interpreter in my Turing machine language, that way I could run a 65c816 assembler in a bf interpreter implemented as a Turing machine, which is itself interpreted by the Python interpreter. Fun.