I am Josiah Baldwin, HuFlungDu on the web, a twenty one year old coder based in Tacoma, Washington. I am a recent graduate of The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, where I graduated with a BA and BS with a focus in Computer Science.

My language of choice for coding is Python, though I have experience in a number of other languages, from C to Prolog and most everything in between.

I've been coding since I was twelve years old, but have only been coding actively since I was sixteen, when I first began to attend Pierce College in Steilacoom, Washington.

I have worked on a number of personal projects, mostly in Python, the more interesting of which can be found in the projects section.

I also have an interest in esoteric programming, some of my esoteric stuff can be found in the esoterics section.

Besides coding, I also hack the classic SNES game Super Mario World. I say besides coding, but I do make extensive use of both 65c816 and SPC700 assembly in making these.

This website originally existed for the sake of hosting my explorations in Javascript, but has since turned into my dumping grounds for projects and my testing area for PHP code.

That's pretty much it about me, hope you had fun reading that.