Magic AI Puzzle

It's wordle but pictures. Simple little web game using AI image generation to generate an image based on a word puzzle, which you need to guess.


A tiling window manager for Windows, based on xmonad and written in Python.


A Generic System Emulator Frontend. Created to allow for emulator authors to have to spend less time on their UIs and more time on their cores, and also to give the user a single, unified interface to use all of their various emulators. This was my "capstone" project for undergraduate studies.


A GUI toolkit to be used in a clutter stage. Currently frozen


A Cython wrapper for the libretro API, created for testing GSEF with a number of systems, but still useful to others.


Forum software written for the sake of learning Ruby on Rails. Hopefully this will be the software I use when I eventually host a forum on this domain.

Dropdown Notes

A tiny project for taking down notes without opening an obtrusive program. Bind it to a keybinding in xmonad and make it float, type in it, then exit and all your notes will be saved until you delete them later.