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Added rorforum project

Over the weekend (Saturday the 25th to Monday the 27th) I wanted to learn Ruby on Rails for a job interview I was doing Monday afternoon. The result of my learning was the project I just added, called rorforum. This is just a simple forum built using Ruby on Rails. It currently supports an interface for creating and managing forums (the "main forum" is created by running "rake db:init_forum[forumname, forumdescription, adminusername, adminemail, adminpassword]", the parameters are all pretty self explanatory) for the admin and 5 power levels, 3 being the highest and -1 being the lowest, 3 acting as admin and -1 acting as a banned user (will probably add more negatives to allow for different levels of banned). It also has posting and topic creation for users, depending on the power level required to post/view the given forum. Finally, aside from one point in the post layout (I used tables, I justified it by saying that posts are data, but I know what I did) the entire thing should be themeable via SCSS files, so it won't always be as ugly as the simple SCSS I created in mine. Eventually, if I ever finish GSEF, I hope for this to be the forum software that I will run on my site for the discussion of such.

Automated Posting

This is a test of the automatic news posting system. Now I can post news without having to manually edit the SQL database.

Second post

This post post tests that posts are shown in the correct order. They are.

Initial Post

I have created a website. This is my initial post. That is all.